For some reason Mail Chimp does not always send out my post, often, it seems, when it is time sensitive like this one.  When that happens, what’s easiest for me is to skip a week–the RSS feed always works, and this way the email subscriptions catch up the following week.  So, I hope you had a lovely solstice!

I’m so aware of light these days. imageAs solstice approaches this week, the days are long, and the light is constantly changing in the back yard.  imageIt’s fun to notice how the light affects the art boards, plants, image






and the glass jar that washed up to a friend in the Mediterranean Sea decades ago.  image



Sometimes the red flowers are the only thing lit up in that section, so they are very dramatic against the dark background, almost like they are on fire.

Happy Solstice, all!

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2 Responses to Light

  1. Frances says:

    Love the colors and lights
    Thanks for sharing

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