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Can We Talk?

This is the guest column I wrote for Fresh Ideas in the Nevada Appeal (published on 5/31).  Hoping it will jump start my creative process! “That’s it!” he said, “I’m not talking to you anymore; you’re not listening to me,” … Continue reading

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I should have known better.  When I casually announced I’d like to go up Lembert Dome in Yosemite, I imagined a relatively easy switch-backing trail to the top.  It does exist, but that’s how we went down, not up. This … Continue reading

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Look at Me!  No, Don’t!  Don’t Look at Me!  Yes, Do!

I’ve always wanted to be seen, yet also to be safe.  I’d grown up with a father who frequently criticized me (and others too), especially making negative comments when I’d had a “failed” attempt to look nice (like a frizzy … Continue reading

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Tie Your Camels

One of my favorite sayings comes out of the middle east:  Trust in God, but tie your camels to the post.  (The Buddhist version might be to trust in the dharma, in life itself.) It reminds us not to be … Continue reading

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