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Alert and Relaxed

When I hit menopause, I lost my excellent ability to nap—gone, gone, gone.  I’d lie there totally alert, practicing breathing and relaxing to no avail.  Recently I’ve had the luxury of more down time.  Those who know me will know … Continue reading

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Look at Me!  No, Don’t!  Don’t Look at Me!  Yes, Do!

I’ve always wanted to be seen, yet also to be safe.  I’d grown up with a father who frequently criticized me (and others too), especially making negative comments when I’d had a “failed” attempt to look nice (like a frizzy … Continue reading

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Imperfect Human

“Why are we so hard on ourselves?” a friend plaintively asked me.  She told me she had made a scheduling error, and felt bad that she had let someone down. Then she brightened and said that she had been able … Continue reading

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Spinning Plates

Sometimes we are so caught up in worrying about a number of subjects that it can feel like our head is spinning.  Today a friend said he felt like each issue that was bothering him was like a leaf in … Continue reading

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Meet the Slug—my inner Slug.  (Yes, I know; some of you have met her already.) She’s been with me a long time.  She’s the one who says “I don’t feel like doing X,” “it’s really so much nicer here on … Continue reading

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