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While in Laos, my friends and I spent the day at an elephant rescue camp.  These were elephants who had worked in logging camps, where they are routinely pushed to the point of exhaustion, unable to reproduce.  To replenish their … Continue reading

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Recently I went on a walk with friends from our Buddhist study group. An artist in my book club had invited us to write a poem for our December meeting, which is the one where we don’t read a book. … Continue reading

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Relaxing Relentlessly

There have been times in my life when I awoke feeling so overwhelmed I’d wish the world would stop for awhile so I could catch up.  It’s relentless, I would say, sighing. That’s why I found it especially funny on … Continue reading

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Mountain Solid

  The third stanza in our gatha (practice poem) is: “Breathing in, I see myself as a mountain; breathing out, I feel solid.”  As with the other images, we can shorten this to “mountain” as we breathe in, and “solid” … Continue reading

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Flower Fresh

The second line in the gatha (practice poem) that we began last week is: “Breathing in, I see myself as a flower, breathing out, I feel fresh.” We can use the word “flower” as we breathe in, and “fresh” as … Continue reading

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For some reason Mail Chimp does not always send out my post, often, it seems, when it is time sensitive like this one.  When that happens, what’s easiest for me is to skip a week–the RSS feed always works, and … Continue reading

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Flying home

Flying home into the sunset from a very relaxing time in Florida on retreat and visiting family…so relaxed that this is it for this week’s post! photo:  Monday’s sunset

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The Soul (a guest post)

A guest post from my beloved friend Susan Juetten– The soul: what do I mean by “the soul”? Not a concept in Buddhism, but possibly contacted in the deeper realms of meditation. The term still represents something I feel inside … Continue reading

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