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Pure Enjoyment

Snowshoeing up a hill on a beautiful sunny day, it was so much fun to notice a dog’s pure enjoyment as she played in the snow.  Her energy seemed boundless, though her human said she would later pay the price.  … Continue reading

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I should have known better.  When I casually announced I’d like to go up Lembert Dome in Yosemite, I imagined a relatively easy switch-backing trail to the top.  It does exist, but that’s how we went down, not up. This … Continue reading

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On Vacation

Dear Friends, I am on vacation in Cuba and the Florida Keys.  The Cuba trip is with Road Scholar and People to People.  We’ll be meeting all kinds of folks in all kinds of places.  We will be in Havana … Continue reading

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Before, During, After

True confession:  I’ve become a fan of The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up, a way to think about, honor, let go of, and/or enjoy the things in my house. Marie Kondo, the author, suggests we hold each object we own … Continue reading

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Simple Pleasures

Sometimes when I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by the suffering in the world, I return to simple pleasures to get some relief. I can revel in these ordinary yet pleasing experiences to renew my energy. I took this photo … Continue reading

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Hair Play

I think people have been obsessing about hair for a very long time. By the time I was eight, I was getting Toni Home Perms, which turned my hair into a frizzy mess. Didn’t stop me, though—I did keep trying.  … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

Many years ago on a 10-day meditation retreat, our teacher pointed out that nothing actually happens at midnight on New Year’s Eve. One moment follows the next as usual; it’s people that give it significance. Nevertheless we decided to stay … Continue reading

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One of my favorite things about this time of year are all the lights.  Here’s one from Florida. Happy Holidays all! The days are getting longer again–hooray!

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“We’re all bozos on this bus,” said the Firesign Theater in the 1970’s. I first heard it sometime in the past ten years from someone who was learning to work with her judgments, both of herself and others. We both … Continue reading

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When we find ourselves feeling a little out of control (when we are learning something new, going through a stressful situation, trying to figure something out) we tend to tense up, often unconsciously. We clench our jaws, shorten our breath, … Continue reading

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Lunar Eclipse

Hasn’t the moon been spectacular this week? Full, red, eclipsed… Since it was clear that most of her yoga students would not be getting up at 3am to see the eclipse, Angela guided us into becoming our own lunar eclipses. … Continue reading

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Burning Man

As I write this, 60,000 people are gathered in the Black Rock desert (about 150 miles north of here) for the 28th Burning Man festival. Begun on a small beach in San Francisco, it has been in Nevada for most … Continue reading

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