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Can We Talk?

This is the guest column I wrote for Fresh Ideas in the Nevada Appeal (published on 5/31).  Hoping it will jump start my creative process! “That’s it!” he said, “I’m not talking to you anymore; you’re not listening to me,” … Continue reading

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Look at Me!  No, Don’t!  Don’t Look at Me!  Yes, Do!

I’ve always wanted to be seen, yet also to be safe.  I’d grown up with a father who frequently criticized me (and others too), especially making negative comments when I’d had a “failed” attempt to look nice (like a frizzy … Continue reading

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Five Daily Recollections

Recently, inspired by the meditation retreat she had just attended, our beloved yoga teacher Angela recited the Five Daily Recollections given to us by the Buddha in one of his sermons.  There were two typical types of responses:  “wow, that’s … Continue reading

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Perfections of the Heart

At a recent retreat, Kamala Masters, our teacher, would ask us after a meditation period to report on what we were experiencing.  What were we aware of, and even more important, what was the attitude in the mind towards our … Continue reading

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If you asked me what I did best when I was younger, I would have said sleep.  I could sleep wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted, for how long I wanted, and never need an alarm, even for a twenty … Continue reading

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