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scarves beforeTrue confession:  I’ve become a fan of The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up, a way to think about, honor, let go of, and/or enjoy the things in my house. Marie Kondo, the author, suggests we hold each object we own and only keep those that spark joy and for which we can find a storage place, going through the house by category (or sub-category) rather than by room.  We begin with clothing, and are to fold clothes and stack them on end rather than in piles.scarves during

She is Japanese, and from the Shinto tradition which holds that objects have feelings and fulfill a purpose, often one that is different from what we might first expect. What I find most astonishing about the process is that it is not so much about de-cluttering, which is how I have always approached letting go of stuff, but rather a way of honoring my things. By keeping only that which I truly like and storing it mindfully, I get a glimpse of how the house will look when I have finished tidying (in many months, I am sure). And I release everything else to fulfill its purpose elsewhere.

scarves afterThis is certainly not for everyone.  I have a friend who said that if she read the book she believes she’d have to create even more clutter.  I just read about a study that shows that creative people are more creative when there is clutter to spark ideas (even if it does not spark joy!). And it looks like Calico would have loved for me to leave the pile of scarves on the bed!


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  1. Frances Ross says:

    Well that explains it…I ‘ve always known I am not creative so that must be why clutter bothers me! Love the idea of holding objects first. Calico was letting you know it was OK to let loose of the pile. (Not really, she was enjoying the comfort…cats always know how to relax and enjoy..wish they would teach me. Ha ha)

    • I think we are all creative to at least some degree. Sometimes we are afraid to let our creativity fly because we’ve been so criticized. All of those (scarves except 2 small ones that I let go of) fit in the box. Amazing!

  2. Kim Bozarth says:

    Interesting post. I did this so thoroughly when I moved from Reno to my little bitty house out in the Big Smoky Valley and now I find myself, once again, with too much stuff. I’ll try this method and I like the idea of things being stored on end instead of flat as it seems that will make finding something easier. Thanks for the inspiration to start the process again! <3

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