Thank You

On the day before Thanksgiving it seems only natural to write about gratitude. I’m grateful for a holiday whose purpose is to help us remember to give thanks.

I have a friend who this year has proven to herself that science and spiritual traditions are correct:  gratitude makes us happy.  She was feeling cranky and out of sorts, then started a practice of posting on Facebook about gratitude every day for 100 days.  Soon after starting, she reported that her mood had shifted.  I notice how much I enjoy reading her posts. I’m happy for her, and it stimulates my own gratitude.

This is a photo of what I’ve come to understand is my altar.  Every object on it has significance for me; some of them are rotated out as other things find their way in.  The thangka is a representation of the cosmos and reminds me of how much bigger our world is than my own tiny (and grand) consciousness.  The beautiful smiling Buddha is a loan from a friend; its hands are in the meditation mudra (gesture).  The Little Prince on the Eiffel Tower tin has a special poignancy now.  There are souvenirs from our family trip to Peru, cards from loved ones, natural objects I’ve picked up or which were given to me, a Bhutanese hat, the Zen bodhisattva vows, and .…

Thank you, everyone, for the gifts you give me and to all beings.  May we all remember to live in gratitude.  As my friend Sparky used to say, “the attitude of gratitude is beatitude.”

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4 Responses to Thank You

  1. T says:

    You are so loved…

  2. Constance says:

    Thank you Kathy. A beautiful start to the day of gratitude. I love you and your wisdom.

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