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P1000693Before I went to Cuba I had an image that most of its vehicles were vintage American cars.  Wrong!  There were vehicles of all kinds, including generic small Asian sedans. Most of the transportation was local; the “highways” between cities were sparsely used.  Cubans traveled in converted trucks of various kinds.  As tourists on a land and sea trip, we traveled first class, and of course had a ride in a Fifties convertible.

Havana traffic cops in purple

Havana traffic cops in purple

Our Greek cruise ship

Our Greek cruise ship

Our bus

Our bus


bike with wooden booster seat


P1000329 (1)

In Cienfuegos

In Cienfuegos, and not just for tourists

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2 Responses to We Get Around

  1. Kim says:

    Love the antennae looking things on the tour bus. Mirrors? I, too, figured that it was all vintage cars there. I’ve often wondered if the people who do own the classic cars are excited at the prospect of selling them for big bucks to Americans. Did it ever come up?

    • Yes, mirrors. And no, it never came up. I think they may be worth more in the long run as every tourist group arranges a ride in the convertible ones, at least. It will be interesting to see, though!

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