Mixed Feelings

P1000137I love to take photos, always have since high school when I worked on the yearbook and got some graphics training.  And yet, I have mixed feelings about it.P1010377

Sometimes I wonder if I’m really seeing what’s there in my quest for good photographs. I fantasize about traveling without a camera, but that will probably never happen.  For one thing, I tend to have a poor memory, so having a photo record helps me remember.  And I do find that people appreciate my photos; wanting to use them was a primary inspiration for this blog.P1000364

P1010327I like to take photos of many things, and in the coming weeks I’ll probably share some I took in Cuba last month.  Today I’ll show you some people.  I often ask permission before I shoot, but it is also fun to get candid snaps.  

P1000373The last photo is one of two women who did not want their picture  taken.  I was actually photographing the building they were in front of, not noticing them until after I snapped it.  Later I cropped the photo to put them front and center.  It’s a good reminder to be more sensitive as I take pictures in public space.P1010304


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