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Mountain Solid

  The third stanza in our gatha (practice poem) is: “Breathing in, I see myself as a mountain; breathing out, I feel solid.”  As with the other images, we can shorten this to “mountain” as we breathe in, and “solid” … Continue reading

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Lunar Eclipse

Hasn’t the moon been spectacular this week? Full, red, eclipsed… Since it was clear that most of her yoga students would not be getting up at 3am to see the eclipse, Angela guided us into becoming our own lunar eclipses. … Continue reading

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Rhododendron Insight

It was on a rhododendron trail in Bhutan in 1986 that I had my first meditative insight.  I was practicing walking meditation—not that I knew it!  We had been on the trail for about a week, away from all media … Continue reading

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Playful Toes

“Are your toes feeling playful?”  I’ve gotten used to that question from my wonderful yoga teacher Angela.  She usually asks it when we are in a standing pose. When we are feeling tentative in the pose, people have a tendency … Continue reading

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