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Pure Enjoyment

Snowshoeing up a hill on a beautiful sunny day, it was so much fun to notice a dog’s pure enjoyment as she played in the snow.  Her energy seemed boundless, though her human said she would later pay the price.  … Continue reading

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Relaxing Relentlessly

There have been times in my life when I awoke feeling so overwhelmed I’d wish the world would stop for awhile so I could catch up.  It’s relentless, I would say, sighing. That’s why I found it especially funny on … Continue reading

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Five Daily Recollections

Recently, inspired by the meditation retreat she had just attended, our beloved yoga teacher Angela recited the Five Daily Recollections given to us by the Buddha in one of his sermons.  There were two typical types of responses:  “wow, that’s … Continue reading

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This wheel on a neighborhood fence reminded me of the first part of the Buddha’s first discourse, that life has the characteristic of dukkha, translated as suffering, unsatisfactoriness, stress, and so on.  I was recently reminded that one of the … Continue reading

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Worry Canyon

What, me worry? I guess I dealt with anxiety from an early age! Or at least, trying real hard to figure things out… So learning about the way the brain is organized like canyons (as I talked about last week) … Continue reading

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As I write, it was 10 years ago today that Davy and I first spoke. We had spent 80 days working side by side in silence, putting away breakfast food and condiments for 100 people. We had started our work … Continue reading

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Green Tara

Green Tara is a Tibetan depiction of important feminine qualities: beauty, grace, compassion, nurturing. She is said to protect us from fear and embodies enlightened action. She is depicted in thangkas (scroll-like Tibetan paintings like the one shown here) with … Continue reading

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Lunar Eclipse

Hasn’t the moon been spectacular this week? Full, red, eclipsed… Since it was clear that most of her yoga students would not be getting up at 3am to see the eclipse, Angela guided us into becoming our own lunar eclipses. … Continue reading

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Caring for the Earth

When I first started my Buddhist study and practice, a friend asked me “why do you follow a path where the first thing the guy taught is that ‘life is suffering’? I replied, “because it’s an accurate description from my … Continue reading

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The Unmindful Monk

In the fall of 1986, after our small airplane landed in Lukla, Nepal, pointing into a mountain on an upward sloping grass runway, a small group of westerners and I began our trek towards Everest base camp.  Winding up the … Continue reading

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Hello Goodbye

  “Hello, my love, and, my love, Goodbye…”  Leonard Cohen’s lyrics have been floating through my mind as I say goodbye to my clients this month.  Monday marks the closing of my private psychotherapy practice. In the 23+ years that … Continue reading

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Rhododendron Insight

It was on a rhododendron trail in Bhutan in 1986 that I had my first meditative insight.  I was practicing walking meditation—not that I knew it!  We had been on the trail for about a week, away from all media … Continue reading

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A Wise Old Woman

On a crisp November day on the banks of the Sun Kosi River in Nepal, I had a life-changing conversation with a man about 15 years my senior, Payson Kennedy.  Payson, the founder and director of the Nantahala Outdoor Center, … Continue reading

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