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I was walking on the trail last week feeling puny (love that word), slogging along, when I heard a voice from decades ago:  “You have strong legs—use them!” said the Aikido sensei to me during the brief period when I … Continue reading

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Alert and Relaxed

When I hit menopause, I lost my excellent ability to nap—gone, gone, gone.  I’d lie there totally alert, practicing breathing and relaxing to no avail.  Recently I’ve had the luxury of more down time.  Those who know me will know … Continue reading

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Moving Meditation

At a meditation retreat years ago I mentioned to my teacher that I was taking a long walk every day. He didn’t see that as a distraction, but rather an opportunity to practice another form of meditation. When practicing concentration … Continue reading

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Lotus Flowers

Lotus flowers are beloved in Asia, in part for their beauty.  Even more, they symbolize the purity that can come from muck. Lotuses are often found blooming in filthy ditches by the side of the road or in muddy ponds. … Continue reading

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Rhododendron Insight

It was on a rhododendron trail in Bhutan in 1986 that I had my first meditative insight.  I was practicing walking meditation—not that I knew it!  We had been on the trail for about a week, away from all media … Continue reading

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