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Gretchen Rubin posits in Better Than Before that we tend to fall into one of four tendencies, depending on how we hold ourselves accountable.  We are generally accountable internally (Questioners—we’ll only make external commitments if we understand and agree with … Continue reading

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Imperfect Human

“Why are we so hard on ourselves?” a friend plaintively asked me.  She told me she had made a scheduling error, and felt terrible that she had let someone down. Then she brightened and said that she had been able … Continue reading

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Meet the Slug—my inner Slug.  (Yes, I know; some of you have met her already.) She’s been with me a long time.  She’s the one who says “I don’t feel like doing X,” “it’s really so much nicer here on … Continue reading

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Upper Limits

In graduate school I learned about invisible loyalties. Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks write about the Upper Limits Problem in Conscious Loving. In recent years psychologists have been studying the happiness set point. These are all describing ways we can self-sabotage … Continue reading

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Caring for the Earth

When I first started my Buddhist study and practice, a friend asked me “why do you follow a path where the first thing the guy taught is that ‘life is suffering’? I replied, “because it’s an accurate description from my … Continue reading

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Multiple Voices

Recently I’ve been thinking about voices, both inner and outer, and how powerful both kinds can be. In future posts I’ll talk about inner voices, but for now I’d like to share some examples of the power of outer voices. … Continue reading

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