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Quiet Mind, Open Heart

As we approach this important election, like many people I find myself nervous and stressed.  Last week I enjoyed photos of the Hindu festival of lights, which I was fortunate to attend in India and Nepal.  In Nepal people make … Continue reading

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The Grief

Stephen Levine, insight meditation teacher and author of several books, including Who Dies and A Year to Live, has worked with grief for decades.  Like the Buddha, who pointed out that we will inevitably suffer if we are born into … Continue reading

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This wheel on a neighborhood fence reminded me of the first part of the Buddha’s first discourse, that life has the characteristic of dukkha, translated as suffering, unsatisfactoriness, stress, and so on.  I was recently reminded that one of the … Continue reading

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Simple Pleasures

Sometimes when I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by the suffering in the world, I return to simple pleasures to get some relief. I can revel in these ordinary yet pleasing experiences to renew my energy. I took this photo … Continue reading

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It was a crisp autumn morning, and I was worried. My client, who had been doing well recently, came in very depressed and possibly suicidal. Fortunately, I thought to ask him this question: “have there been any exceptions to these … Continue reading

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Caring for the Earth

When I first started my Buddhist study and practice, a friend asked me “why do you follow a path where the first thing the guy taught is that ‘life is suffering’? I replied, “because it’s an accurate description from my … Continue reading

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