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Breathing with Images

Many years ago I learned a five-part gatha (pronounced GAH-tah) from Thich Nhat Hanh.  A gatha is a practice poem that helps us bring mindfulness and intention to our experience.  While I no longer practice it formally, I often find … Continue reading

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On vacation with my family this week. Here’s a photo of my brother Bob and me on a vacation more than 60 years ago!  May we all enjoy connection, relaxation and adventure. Happy summer, everyone.

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The Unmindful Monk

In the fall of 1986, after our small airplane landed in Lukla, Nepal, pointing into a mountain on an upward sloping grass runway, a small group of westerners and I began our trek towards Everest base camp.  Winding up the … Continue reading

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A Little Smile

Turning the corners of the lips up slightly can have a powerful effect on our mood.  I’m not talking about pretending happiness, simply making that physical movement.  Other muscles in our face respond when we do that, and it appears … Continue reading

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