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Quiet Mind, Open Heart

As we approach this important election, like many people I find myself nervous and stressed.  Last week I enjoyed photos of the Hindu festival of lights, which I was fortunate to attend in India and Nepal.  In Nepal people make … Continue reading

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I was walking on the trail last week feeling puny (love that word), slogging along, when I heard a voice from decades ago:  “You have strong legs—use them!” said the Aikido sensei to me during the brief period when I … Continue reading

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Perfections of the Heart

At a recent retreat, Kamala Masters, our teacher, would ask us after a meditation period to report on what we were experiencing.  What were we aware of, and even more important, what was the attitude in the mind towards our … Continue reading

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Being Grounded

Being grounded is one of those phrases with very different meanings. Last week at high school graduations I spent time with hundreds of teens in two very diverse communities. For these teens, being grounded means one thing: to be stuck … Continue reading

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As you read this, I am on a week-long meditation retreat. On retreat we maintain Noble Silence—speaking only when necessary. We don’t read or write for the most part, and certainly don’t listen to music or the radio or even … Continue reading

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Worry Canyon

What, me worry? I guess I dealt with anxiety from an early age! Or at least, trying real hard to figure things out… So learning about the way the brain is organized like canyons (as I talked about last week) … Continue reading

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A metaphor for one way the brain works is a river basin. Water falling into creeks at the headwaters of the Colorado River will lead inevitably to the Colorado, not to the Mississippi. Multiple creeks and tributaries will feed into … Continue reading

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