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A Heart as Wide as the World

To have a heart as wide as the world—a phrase I first heard from meditation teacher and author Sharon Salzberg—is my aspiration.  In Buddhist psychology the heart is not separate from the mind, which is known as citta in Sanskrit.  … Continue reading

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Perfections of the Heart

At a recent retreat, Kamala Masters, our teacher, would ask us after a meditation period to report on what we were experiencing.  What were we aware of, and even more important, what was the attitude in the mind towards our … Continue reading

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Habit? Maybe not!

A friend and I were comparing notes recently. Both of us can create a habit for months at a time. Then one day we don’t do it; more months can go by before we even think about it again. We … Continue reading

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Love and Generosity

When our pilgrimage arrived at the desolate outpost of Darchen, at the foot of sacred Mt. Kailash in western Tibet, we were all tired, hungry and cranky.  We were met by a group of women who were desperate—we were the … Continue reading

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More Anxiety

“Action absorbs anxiety,” said cultural anthropologist and activist Angeles Arrien. Based on my experience before my recent trip to France, I would have to add “skillful” or “wise” action. Unskillful action can actually feed the anxiety. Like many people I’ve … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

Many years ago on a 10-day meditation retreat, our teacher pointed out that nothing actually happens at midnight on New Year’s Eve. One moment follows the next as usual; it’s people that give it significance. Nevertheless we decided to stay … Continue reading

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Blessings and Protection

Every culture I’ve visited around the world has some form of  ritual objects to help bring prosperity, well-being, and blessings to people and other beings. These are some I’ve brought home and incorporated into my back yard. The structure is … Continue reading

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