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Cat Consciousness

Calico arrived in my home almost eight years ago after living as a barn cat in central Nevada. Though too scared to allow herself to be touched, she used to follow the family around the ranch, so when they moved … Continue reading

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The Four Worldly Winds

Last week I tuned into Fresh Air on National Public Radio; Terry Gross is in her fourth decade interviewing people in this highly regarded show, and yet she was saying, “…if somebody gives me positive feedback, I feel like yeah, … Continue reading

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Breathing with Images

Many years ago I learned a five-part gatha (pronounced GAH-tah) from Thich Nhat Hanh.  A gatha is a practice poem that helps us bring mindfulness and intention to our experience.  While I no longer practice it formally, I often find … Continue reading

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Thank You

On the day before Thanksgiving it seems only natural to write about gratitude. I’m grateful for a holiday whose purpose is to help us remember to give thanks. I have a friend who this year has proven to herself that … Continue reading

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The Balanced Acrobat

One day an acrobat told his assistant to climb onto his shoulders for their balancing act, telling her to watch out for his balance and he would watch out for hers. She replied that she couldn’t possibly control his balance. … Continue reading

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Caring for the Earth

When I first started my Buddhist study and practice, a friend asked me “why do you follow a path where the first thing the guy taught is that ‘life is suffering’? I replied, “because it’s an accurate description from my … Continue reading

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Lotus Flowers

Lotus flowers are beloved in Asia, in part for their beauty.  Even more, they symbolize the purity that can come from muck. Lotuses are often found blooming in filthy ditches by the side of the road or in muddy ponds. … Continue reading

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A Little Smile

Turning the corners of the lips up slightly can have a powerful effect on our mood.  I’m not talking about pretending happiness, simply making that physical movement.  Other muscles in our face respond when we do that, and it appears … Continue reading

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