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I was walking on the trail last week feeling puny (love that word), slogging along, when I heard a voice from decades ago:  “You have strong legs—use them!” said the Aikido sensei to me during the brief period when I … Continue reading

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Self Health

I walked past the nondescript storefront in my neighborhood for two months before I opened the door one Monday night and went in.  I’d been to my first celebration of International Women’s Day and seen a demonstration of what the … Continue reading

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Mountain Solid

  The third stanza in our gatha (practice poem) is: “Breathing in, I see myself as a mountain; breathing out, I feel solid.”  As with the other images, we can shorten this to “mountain” as we breathe in, and “solid” … Continue reading

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Being Grounded

Being grounded is one of those phrases with very different meanings. Last week at high school graduations I spent time with hundreds of teens in two very diverse communities. For these teens, being grounded means one thing: to be stuck … Continue reading

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Back Body

I still remember how startled I was when my beloved yoga teacher Angela asked us to bring our awareness to our “back body.” What? There’s something back there worth paying attention to? I’d never had back pain and seldom used … Continue reading

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