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Healing Art

I listened recently to a veteran describe how doing art helped her heal from decades of PTSD, after being raped and then discounted and humiliated while she was in the service.  It brought to mind the wonderful community art projects … Continue reading

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Mixed Feelings

I love to take photos, always have since high school when I worked on the yearbook and got some graphics training.  And yet, I have mixed feelings about it. Sometimes I wonder if I’m really seeing what’s there in my … Continue reading

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Flower Fresh

The second line in the gatha (practice poem) that we began last week is: “Breathing in, I see myself as a flower, breathing out, I feel fresh.” We can use the word “flower” as we breathe in, and “fresh” as … Continue reading

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I’m so aware of light these days. As solstice approaches this week, the days are long, and the light is constantly changing in the back yard.     It’s fun to notice how the light affects the art boards, plants, and … Continue reading

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When I’m in the Dordogne region of southern France I’m very aware of time. It’s an easy place to be in the present moment as there is so much beauty and pleasure to experience. Here is a typical meal–fresh, organic … Continue reading

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Flying home

Flying home into the sunset from a very relaxing time in Florida on retreat and visiting family…so relaxed that this is it for this week’s post! photo:  Monday’s sunset

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One year at Plum Village Thich Nhat Hanh—Thay—asked us not to take notes during his talks. He invited us to allow the words of the dharma to fall on us like a soft rain, not to make an effort to … Continue reading

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A metaphor for one way the brain works is a river basin. Water falling into creeks at the headwaters of the Colorado River will lead inevitably to the Colorado, not to the Mississippi. Multiple creeks and tributaries will feed into … Continue reading

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Green Tara

Green Tara is a Tibetan depiction of important feminine qualities: beauty, grace, compassion, nurturing. She is said to protect us from fear and embodies enlightened action. She is depicted in thangkas (scroll-like Tibetan paintings like the one shown here) with … Continue reading

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The Peace of Wild Things

I’m on retreat at Lake Tahoe and thought you might enjoy this beautiful poem by Wendell Berry. Please take some moments for yourself to rest in the beauty that can be found even in the most desolate place by looking … Continue reading

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