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I should have known better.  When I casually announced I’d like to go up Lembert Dome in Yosemite, I imagined a relatively easy switch-backing trail to the top.  It does exist, but that’s how we went down, not up. This … Continue reading

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Alert and Relaxed

When I hit menopause, I lost my excellent ability to nap—gone, gone, gone.  I’d lie there totally alert, practicing breathing and relaxing to no avail.  Recently I’ve had the luxury of more down time.  Those who know me will know … Continue reading

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When I was twelve, my father took us to an amusement park and I went on a large roller coaster for the first time.  I opened my mouth wide and screamed from the first descent to the very end of … Continue reading

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More Anxiety

“Action absorbs anxiety,” said cultural anthropologist and activist Angeles Arrien. Based on my experience before my recent trip to France, I would have to add “skillful” or “wise” action. Unskillful action can actually feed the anxiety. Like many people I’ve … Continue reading

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Home Base

To continue with our theme of working with anxiety, sometimes we realize we are in the anxiety canyon, but we may be unsure of “where to go” if we “evaporate” out of the canyon. It can be helpful to have … Continue reading

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Worry Canyon

What, me worry? I guess I dealt with anxiety from an early age! Or at least, trying real hard to figure things out… So learning about the way the brain is organized like canyons (as I talked about last week) … Continue reading

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A metaphor for one way the brain works is a river basin. Water falling into creeks at the headwaters of the Colorado River will lead inevitably to the Colorado, not to the Mississippi. Multiple creeks and tributaries will feed into … Continue reading

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