Worry Canyon

Kathy -- puzzledWhat, me worry? I guess I dealt with anxiety from an early age! Or at least, trying real hard to figure things out…

So learning about the way the brain is organized like canyons (as I talked about last week) was very helpful to me. I could begin to see the patterns of my thinking, which helped me not be so lost in the content.

But working with content can be helpful too. Many times we run the same stories over and over again in a repetitive way because we are trying to solve what we see as a problem and are organizing the data. The difficulty with this is that we are simply running the same rapids over and over again, and the answer obviously lies elsewhere or the problem would be resolved.Bhutan 1153

In this case it can be helpful to write the content down in all its detail, so it won’t be lost. That way, we can more confidently evaporate from that canyon to explore different ground, knowing that we’ve preserved the “facts.” And often in this new territory the answer appears, whether it’s the solution to a math problem, the name of that movie we saw last week, the understanding that we need to let go and forgive, or the confidence that we will rise to the challenge.

Photos:  My baby self and later placing rock on pile at the pass, Bhutan 1986

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7 Responses to Worry Canyon

  1. shawna pisciotti says:

    I love these and have a surge of excitement when I see them in my mailbox. They are wonderful reminders. Thank you.

  2. Constance says:

    What a great photo of early Kathy. 😉
    And thanks for the tip about writing down the content of the rapids I run.

  3. Frances says:

    Yes very helpful. Also love the photo!

  4. Shannon says:

    Another gem! I’m a week late reading this, but it paints the picture of my day today: Spinning my wheels on a problem and hitting dead ends until I finally step back and take a different approach. Viola! Resolution 😉

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