Simple Pleasures

IMG_2844Sometimes when I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by the suffering in the world, I return to simple pleasures to get some relief. I can revel in these ordinary yet pleasing experiences to renew my energy.

I took this photo some years ago inside my car while going through a car wash—not any car wash, but the one a friend called to tell me about when it opened in Carson City, where I live. “It does a really good job cleaning your car, but best of all, the water is all recycled. You should check it out!” she told me with excitement. I’ve never been through that car wash since without fondly thinking of her. She is a person who often shares little tips that can make life a little easier and more enjoyable so I have many opportunities to experience the warmth of our connection.

And, in the car wash, being somewhat of a chicken at amusement parks, I can feel the thrill of my car being putted along, splashed while I stay dry inside, buffeted by brushes and cloth strips, and blown in a mini, safe hurricane.

Did I say simple pleasures?

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