Letting go

IMG_2929This sweater was one of the last ones my mother made before she died almost 30 years ago. She was an expert knitter who would rip out many inches of knitting if she saw even the tiniest mistake. Such beautifully crafted sweaters were a joy to wear.

But about 10 years ago I developed a problem: a reaction to wool. Even with a thick cotton turtleneck I would itch if I wore this sweater. It sat unworn for many years until a friend mentioned she was keeping her house very cool in the winter and wearing a thick wool sweater which was almost worn out. I immediately thought of giving her this one, but felt the familiar contraction that can happen when thinking about letting go of something. Even though this sweater was stored in a cedar chest and I never even looked at it, much less wore it, I was attached!

Taking a photo of it made it so much easier to give away. Now I can have the sweater even though I no longer have it.

I have just celebrated a milestone birthday and have pretty much retired. When people ask me my plans, I say “I am mucking out my house.” I wonder how many photographs I will take of things before I send them out the door?

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  1. Kim says:

    I, too, photographed some of the many things I gave away when I downsized. I open up the photos and remember both the joy they brought when in my possession and the joy it brought to give them to someone else. I’m sure your friend will love having such a beautiful piece of art! (Wish I knitted like that – I’m not very good but do enjoy it.)

  2. Hi Kathy,
    I am loving your blog! And, it is a wonderful way to still have contact with you.
    I hope you enjoyed Machu Pichu and took a picture of the tree for me.
    Be well, Ruth Ann

  3. Trish says:

    I keep a digital photo of everything I’ve sold and I make them into collages when I have enough of the same kind. It brings back memories (albeit less sentimental) of the great things I’ve found with one purpose in mind: letting them go.

  4. Marv Treiger had a great point to make about letting go:

    In our formal practice we commit to staying with the breath. And then whatever arises we LET GO of it and return to the breath. So we practice letting go a million times over and over in this little tiny way. Of course this is obvious, but I never thought of it quite that way. That each of these little letting go’s is a tiny star in a big sky of letting go’s. My galaxy of letting goes. Hmmmmm. Makes me happy to think of this… Thanks Marv…

  5. Amita says:

    I love that your mom made this beautiful sweater. It’s truly a piece of artwork. So glad you kept a photo to show her love.

  6. Mary Kay says:

    Very nice Kathy. I like this post of letting go.

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