Home Base

imageTo continue with our theme of working with anxiety, sometimes we realize we are in the anxiety canyon, but we may be unsure of “where to go” if we “evaporate” out of the canyon. It can be helpful to have a home base that we train ourselves to come back to.

This is one of the functions of meditation. To train the mind we establish a home base, known as the object of our attention. Often we use the breath for home base, as it is always with us. We can use the whole breath, or find a point or area in the body where the breath is easily discerned. Every time we realize we have strayed, we return our attention back to the breath.

When we are caught by an obsessive worry thought or we feel the bodily discomfort of anxiety, going back to the home base of breathing can calm both the mind and the body. Sometimes our return to the breath and body may have the energy shown in this photo of the ballplayer sliding into home plate. If we rest there and breathe consciously, we’ll begin to experience some relief and perhaps peace.

Photo:  Tropicana Field, Tampa, Florida, July 2014

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