Have you ever noticed how busy your mind can be? How it jumps from thought to thought like a monkey swinging through the forest? How you can get caught up in memories, judgments, opinions, plans, and emotions, and not even notice where you actually are?

It turns out we can train our mind to calm down, to be more focused, and to use this quieter mind to see what is actually going on in our lives, bringing us peace, happiness and freedom. We call this training process meditation.

Modern neuroscience has confirmed the value of developing a non-judgmental awareness of our present experience in order to find healing and happiness. Often called mindfulness, it is helpful in all situations.

Meditation and mindfulness go hand in hand. We train our minds with meditation and bring mindfulness to our moment-to-moment everyday experience.
I have practiced meditation and mindfulness since 1987 and have taught them to therapists, clients and in the community (in session or in classes). I also lead a meditation group and occasionally teach non-residential retreats at Dharma Zephyr Insight Meditation Community.

I will post information about classes or workshops I am giving on meditation, mindfulness and Buddhism on this page and via my blog (see Home page).