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Self Health

I walked past the nondescript storefront in my neighborhood for two months before I opened the door one Monday night and went in.  I’d been to my first celebration of International Women’s Day and seen a demonstration of what the … Continue reading

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Meet the Slug—my inner Slug.  (Yes, I know; some of you have met her already.) She’s been with me a long time.  She’s the one who says “I don’t feel like doing X,” “it’s really so much nicer here on … Continue reading

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This, That

We live in a very black and white world, it seems. Have you noticed? People will say, “I don’t know if I’m happy or sad.” Or “I love him but I’m so mad I hate him.” Or “you are right” … Continue reading

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It was a crisp autumn morning, and I was worried. My client, who had been doing well recently, came in very depressed and possibly suicidal. Fortunately, I thought to ask him this question: “have there been any exceptions to these … Continue reading

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When we find ourselves feeling a little out of control (when we are learning something new, going through a stressful situation, trying to figure something out) we tend to tense up, often unconsciously. We clench our jaws, shorten our breath, … Continue reading

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This month I said goodbye to so many people as I closed my psychotherapy practice.  But there was one more goodbye to say before I left:  to the beautiful pine tree that I watched grow up outside my window for … Continue reading

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Hello Goodbye

  “Hello, my love, and, my love, Goodbye…”  Leonard Cohen’s lyrics have been floating through my mind as I say goodbye to my clients this month.  Monday marks the closing of my private psychotherapy practice. In the 23+ years that … Continue reading

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