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This month friendship is a theme for me.  I spent last weekend with a group of folks I’ve known for almost 30 years.  We consider ourselves to be Family-by-Choice by now, and get together regularly in various combinations. In two … Continue reading

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Love and Generosity

When our pilgrimage arrived at the desolate outpost of Darchen, at the foot of sacred Mt. Kailash in western Tibet, we were all tired, hungry and cranky.  We were met by a group of women who were desperate—we were the … Continue reading

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Nepal Earthquake

This is a guest post by Anne Macquarie, from  I have added photos I took near Kathmandu in 2008.   A lot of us at Dharma Zephyr have been talking about how we can best respond to the devastating earthquake … Continue reading

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Back Body

I still remember how startled I was when my beloved yoga teacher Angela asked us to bring our awareness to our “back body.” What? There’s something back there worth paying attention to? I’d never had back pain and seldom used … Continue reading

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The Spice of Life

One of the pleasures of travel is to taste different cuisines.   A constant around the world is the use of herbs and spices.  Chiles are popular almost everywhere I’ve been.           Markets are a fun … Continue reading

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Hair Play

I think people have been obsessing about hair for a very long time. By the time I was eight, I was getting Toni Home Perms, which turned my hair into a frizzy mess. Didn’t stop me, though—I did keep trying.  … Continue reading

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I used to have an unconscious belief that I could not be happy until everyone was happy. It somehow didn’t seem right, or fair. But then I understood that if we all waited for everyone else to be happy, no … Continue reading

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This, That

We live in a very black and white world, it seems. Have you noticed? People will say, “I don’t know if I’m happy or sad.” Or “I love him but I’m so mad I hate him.” Or “you are right” … Continue reading

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As I write, it was 10 years ago today that Davy and I first spoke. We had spent 80 days working side by side in silence, putting away breakfast food and condiments for 100 people. We had started our work … Continue reading

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“We’re all bozos on this bus,” said the Firesign Theater in the 1970’s. I first heard it sometime in the past ten years from someone who was learning to work with her judgments, both of herself and others. We both … Continue reading

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