Quiet Mind, Open Heart

Kathmandu Diwali guide for light to enter home

Kathmandu Diwali guide for light to enter home

As we approach this important election, like many people I find myself nervous and stressed.  Last week I enjoyed photos of the Hindu festival of lights, which I was fortunate to attend in India and Nepal.  In Nepal people make an offering on wet mud; it’s meant to be a guide to the light of nearby candles to enter from the dark on the mud path into their home.

Lighting candles and making offerings are beautiful symbolic gestures, but I wanted something more.  And then I remembered the talk Ram Dass (of Be Here Now fame) gave in Reno many years ago.

He began by listing all the terrible things that were happening in the world (you can fill in the blanks here).  People would say, See Ram Dass, everything’s getting worse!  He would reply that he really didn’t know, but perhaps they were right.  What to do? he wondered. And he answered that it seemed he should quiet his mind, open his heart, and do what he could to relieve suffering.

Hindu offering

Hindu offering

And then he listed many wonderful things; people would say that all is getting better, asking for his agreement.  Again, he didn’t really know.  But if they were correct, what would be his response?  To quiet his mind, open his heart, and do what he could to relieve suffering.

So that’s my plan, come what may.

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10 Responses to Quiet Mind, Open Heart

  1. Shannon Hataway says:

    Great plan and Beautifully simple. It’s so hard to see that simplicity when immersed in the stories and tension, and it’s the greatest relief when we finally embrace that we do not know and our suffering will do nothing to affect the situation. Thank you for the reminder 😉

  2. Constance says:

    Thank you for the beautiful reminder. I am posting it in a prominent place and will move it around so it stays fresh.

  3. I love this. It’s good advice for every day. Thank you for your wisdom Kathy!

  4. Susan Sara says:

    Pledging to keep an open ❤️

  5. Dionne says:

    I desperately needed this reminder. Thank you so much. I have saved it and will reread many times, I know.

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