Nepal Earthquake

This is a guest post by Anne Macquarie, from  I have added photos I took near Kathmandu in 2008.  

Namaste childA lot of us at Dharma Zephyr have been talking about how we can best respond to the devastating earthquake in Nepal. Many of us have traveled to that beautiful, gracious country, and have friends and family there, so we have been thinking about earthquake damage and responses. We thought it would be a good idea to share some of this with you, if you are looking for ways to help.Nepal Neighborhood




The magnitude 7.8 earthquake in Nepal on April 25 left over 7,000 people dead and over 14,000 injured. Over eight million people need humanitarian relief.

Nepal Tibet 192
Electricity, fuel, clean water, food and shelter are in short supply. With over 160,000 homes destroyed, tents and tarpaulins are desperately needed.
We think there are three things to remember now.
• First, while immediate relief is slowly being met, rebuilding will take time – maybe years. Please consider a recurring donation.
• Second, development organizations with roots in Nepal have the contacts, local knowledge, and social infrastructure not only to respond effectively to the crisis, but to help with the long haul of rebuilding.
• And finally, donations of money are generally better than donations of goods. Money is flexible, and can be used to buy the supplies that are needed.Nepal Tibet 415

The following organizations, which have all been working in Nepal for many years, have been recommended by our friends who live and work in Nepal:
America Nepal Medical Foundation
American Himalayan Foundation
READ Global
Ama Ghar Children’s Home and Ama Foundation

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