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I used to have an unconscious belief that I could not be happy until everyone was happy. It somehow didn’t seem right, or fair. But then I understood that if we all waited for everyone else to be happy, no one ever would be. What a mess that would make!

What’s true is that we all have a right to be happy, and, as Thich Nhat Hanh says, happiness is available here and now. Our life circumstances are not necessarily the deciding factor. Even in the midst of great suffering, people have found happiness.

Fall o7 165Seeing these photos always brings a surge of happiness to me. I encountered the man in a small village near Bodh Gaya, India. The woman was the toilet cleaner at the border crossing into Nepal from India. She happily gave me permission to take her photo.

I hope that even if you are experiencing difficulties you are also finding moments of happiness.  And when you do, please soak yourself in them!

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  1. Shannon says:

    Beautiful sentiment. Beautiful people. And by that I mean happy people–happiness is a state of beauty. Thank you Kathy!

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