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MedusaI think people have been obsessing about hair for a very long time.

By the time I was eight, I was getting Toni Home Perms, which turned my hair into a frizzy mess. Didn’t stop me, though—I did keep trying.  Don’t worry, it’s not my portrait to the left!


One of the joys of getting older is feeling less attached to appearance.KS mug a.m. hair

I was very amused when I woke up with this hairdo one day several years ago, and I made it my Facebook image for quite a while.




KS Horn Creek Rapid hair

On the Colorado River raft trip through the Grand Canyon, I staggered into the “kitchen” from my sleeping bag for my wake-up cup of coffee. The guides started hooting when they saw this hair, eventually deciding it looked like the wave in Horn Creek Rapid!


Fall 07 Man's hair copyAnd, just to prove that it’s not only women who obsess about hair….

Photos:  Turkey, 1989; India, 2007

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4 Responses to Hair Play

  1. Frances Ross says:

    Great laughs, what an amusing story — so true!!!! I wake up with the most unusual styles, but I didn’t know I could actually take photos, how fun! Yes, hair obsessing is really something we don’t need. When I get frustrated about my hair, my husband says, “you know how to fix that don’t you?” of couse I answered “how?” looking forward to a great idea….. his answer “shave your head” ……..

    • Yes, do take pictures! I had an email comment from someone who said she and her family had “bed hair” contests to see whose was the most ridiculous. I think they were a happy family who knew that laughter trumped looking good. And, when I did my 3 month silent retreat, I discovered I could have had it shaved just before it started–it would have had 12 weeks to grow out. But I just wasn’t psychologically ready (though I’d had it cut VERY short).

  2. Constance says:

    I love the Colorado River photo. You look so happy and rested and ready for anything.

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