Eyes and Teeth

Dentures KathmanduThis is a lighthearted story about accepting our limitations and having empathy for the challenges of others:

A number of years ago a group of friends and I were camping out after a day of white water boating. It was a clear and balmy night, so none of us put up a tent—we just lined up in our sleeping bags along the river bank like peas in a pod.

The sky was dark so the stars were lovely, and we all oohed and aahed over a few meteors. Finally I was ready to go to sleep; I took off my glasses, put them away and enjoyed the night air as I drifted off.

A few minutes later the friend next to me said, “oh, did you see that one?” I replied that I couldn’t discern separate stars without my glasses, that they were all a blur.

He was so sorry for me; he felt really bad that I could not see the stars. This from a guy who, while canoeing earlier in the day, had leaned over his paddle into a rapid with his mouth open, and had dropped his full set of false teeth, never to be seen again!

Photo: Selling dentures in Kathmandu, Nepal

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  1. Constance says:

    What a sweet story. and a sweet man.

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