Blessings and Protection

AMB Spirit HouseEvery culture I’ve visited around the world has some form of  ritual objects to help bring prosperity, well-being, and blessings to people and other beings. These are some I’ve brought home and incorporated into my back yard.

The structure is a Thai spirit house, found at the corner of homes, businesses, temples, and other buildings.  It provides a home for both benevelolent and malignant or mischievous spirits.  Spirit houses date from the animistic religion that pre-dates Buddhism in Thailand.  I put the dancing girls in it to entertain whoever comes, including the gremlin I made who is residing in the rafters.

Guarding the front are two bulls I recently purchased in Peru.  They are placed in pairs on the roofs of houses to bring prosperity and fertility. I thought the spirits would enjoy having them on the porch.

Behind the spirit house is one of the five Tibetan prayer flags that fly across my back yard.  They are printed with prayers that go to the heavens when the wind blows, which is a frequent occurrence here in western Nevada!

May all beings everywhere be safe, happy, peaceful, and at ease!

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  1. I got this comment via email: “Wish I could sit on the front steps of the spirit house!”

    I replied: “What a lovely idea! Do it in your imagination–the brain cells will still fire, and you’ll get some respite when doing it. “

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