About Me

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Having moved from state to state as a child (New York, Florida, Pennsylvania, So. California, Vermont) I developed a taste for travel. I’ve spent extensive time in Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Having been athletic as a kid (swim team, field hockey team, basketball team, ice skating) I’ve enjoyed being active as an adult (hiking, backpacking, trekking, whitewater rafting and kayaking).

Having experienced depression and low self-esteem, I explored personal growth via the women’s health movement, psychotherapy (as a client and therapist) and meditation.

Being impressed with the ease and friendliness of Buddhists I met in Asia, and never tiring of seeing Buddhist statues and art, I became a Buddhist and co-founded Dharma Zephyr Insight Meditation Community to support my own and others’ meditation practice and study.

Learning to ice skate at age seven and teaching my friend how to later that day, I continued teaching–women’s health, whitewater boating, meditation.

Having been invited to facilitate a celebration of life, a funeral, and two weddings, I am now a licensed minister in Nevada.

Growing up with Vogue magazine and taking a graphic design class in high school, I developed an eye for beauty and enjoy expressing it in photography.

Enjoying bringing people and ideas together, my intent is to use this blog to communicate some of what I’ve seen, learned, loved….